Women and Public Safety

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The Maryland Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention provides a historic database of crime rates by County. This dataset provides an overview of how crime trends have changed over time, covering the years from 1975 to 2016. The chart below shows the data for Montgomery County. Viewers can also view the rate for the state of Maryland by clicking on the "Yes" option under "Include State Average."

The data for Montgomery County shows that, on a per capita basis, crime has fallen dramatically over the past two decades, with overall crime incidences declining by a third between 1996 and 2006 and by over 40% over the last decade.  In fact, 2016 had the lowest level of per capita crime in the four decades covered by the data. In the past decade, only 2008 and 2014 saw an increase over the preceding year. 

Women in the Judiciary

Montgomery County has 37 judges in the Maryland circuit and district courts, 17 (or 46%) of whom are women. Women make up a majority (54%) of the Montgomery County judges in the Maryland District Court (6th District), doubling the rate from 2006.  Women also make up a majority of the judges on the Maryland Court of Appeals (57%), a significant improvement from 2006 when women accounted for only 28%. Women make up a much smaller share of on the Maryland Special Court of Appeals (27%, similar to the share in 2006) as well as the US District Court of Maryland (31% -- albeit an increase from 25% in 2006). 

Incarcerated Women

Statistics from the State Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services show that the average daily population of the Montgomery County Correctional Facility was 563 in FY16, of which 51 (or 9%) were women. This is roughly on par with the statistics reported in FY2006 of an 8% share, equal to 57 female inmates. The average daily population of the Montgomery County Detention Center was 62 of which 4 (or 6%) were women, which is on par with the 6% share (or 10 female inmates) reported in FY2006. Montgomery County's Pre-Release and Entry Services had an average daily population of 130, of which 10 (or 8%) were women.

Traffic Violations

Women accounted for less than a third (32%) of the traffic citations and warnings issued in 2017 (based on traffic stop data posted to dataMontgomery). In particular, women are far less likely to be cited for reckless (1,101 vs. 3,708) and impaired driving (1,586 vs. 5,347) than men. While still accounting for a lower share than men, women experience higher rates of citations for mobile phone use (43%) and for car driver charges related to pedestrians and bicycles (41%). Note that these rates do not consider volume: speeding, traffic signs, and driver license related citations account for the top 3 categories for both men and women. Across categories, women receive a warning rather than a citation in 60% of cases, whereas men receive a warning only in 52% of cases.