Vision ZerØ Crash Data Explorer

In a given year, Montgomery County averages over 20,000 vehicle crashes with 400 resulting in serious injury and 35-40 fatalities. While Montgomery County has a lower traffic fatality rate than the US and Maryland, we believe that one death is one too many. To eliminate traffic fatalities from our roadways by 2030, the County has adopted Vision Zero. Learn more about the effort at
As part of our Vision Zero efforts, the County publishes vehicle crash data via dataMontgomery. To help residents make use of this data, CountyStat has built out a series of data tools to allow anyone to see what the crash risks are across the county. Explore the data below.
Image of a car that was in a collision

Crash Dashboard

Under construction. While the full dashboard is finalized, explore the charts and maps below or create your own visualization using the links to dataMontgomery at the bottom of the page.

Map of Fatal Crashes 2015 - Present

Map of fatal crashes occurring in Montgomery County as reported by Montgomery, Rockville, Gaithersburg, and M-NCPPC Park Police Departments. Data shown here may not match official reports due to validation done after initial report is submitted.

Serious and Fatal Pedestrian and Cyclist Collisions

Use the map and filters below to explore serious and fatal pedestrian and cyclist collisions occurring in the county. To see only pedestrians or cyclists, change the "Pedestrian Type" filter at the top. Hover your mouse or click a collision to see more details.

Pedestrian Crash Heat Map

Heat map of crashes between motor vehicles and pedestrians from 2015 to present. Map excludes bicyclists. For viewing, search for an address or pan the map as zooming in and out may lead to sub-optimal clustering.

Download datasets

Perform your own analysis of our crash data using the datasets listed below. There are 3 datasets - one for the overall crash, one for the drivers involved, and one for non-motorists (pedestrians and cyclists) involved. The datasets can be joined using the State Report Number.