Traffic gridlock is the number one concern of many of our residents and businesses. It is a threat to the economic competitiveness of our businesses. It robs families of essential time together and pollutes the air we breathe. New roads and transit are important solutions, but they often require many years to implement. As we work on long-range strategies, the Leggett Administration is also committed to immediate action on a wide range of useful and practical actions that can reduce gridlock now. These solutions will require great creativity, regional collaboration, and the shared actions of residents, governments, and businesses.
-- Statement on An Efficient and Effective Transportation Network from the Leggett Transition Team Report (December 2006)
This dashboard provides a quick overview of transportation benchmarks in Montgomery County. Each graph shows data for a specific measure, comparing the County's performance to that of neighboring counties and comparable jurisdictions around the country. You can find more information on how these peer counties were selected here.

Performance Glossary: An Effective and Efficient Transportation Network