County Analytics 

Data analytics

 At a fundamental level, we crunch data. Using internal and external data sources, we conduct in-depth qualitative and quantitative analyses for Montgomery County and convert our findings into user-friendly and informative charts, graphs, infographics, and maps utilizing a wide variety of tools and software.Our community analytics work brings together internal data, public data, and data from our network of partners to assist Montgomery County and its partners in: (a) tailoring programs to local conditions in an increasingly diverse county; (b) improving outreach to underserved populations; and (c) meeting the individual needs of all our residents and businesses.

Hidden Hardships 

Explores trends in the numbers and characteristics of those Montgomery County residents living in poverty. All of the graphs and maps are interactive - try hovering over them or applying different filters located at the top of the dashboards to find additional and/or more specific data.

Housing Analytics 

Explore the numbers behind the Montgomery County Maryland Housing Market.

Educational Analytics 

Explore Montgomery County Public School's data and trends that are present with the educational environment of  the County's youth. 


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Food Security Analysis 

The Montgomery County Food Security Plan is the blueprint for how every local business, nonprofit, government agency and resident can contribute to ensuring all County residents have access to sufficient, nutritious food.

County Demographics

Explore some of the community analytics work that has informed the civic advisory boards throughout the county.