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DOT continues to work on reducing injuries to its workforce. The Division of Transit Services has the largest workforce and along with it has the highest number of injuries. To address this, Transit Services has adopted a very aggressive workplace safety program which includes:
  • Weekly training on "Safe work methods"
  • Safety instructors in every depot
  • Safety committee in every depot
  • Immediate review of trips, slips and falls
  • Accident review committee reviews all vehicular accidents to determine preventable or non-preventable and if preventable, points are assessed against the employee which result in discipline
  • Retraining is done with employees that have had an injury to review what should have been done (if preventable)
  • Safety slogans are run on depot monitors and repeated during the day on the radio
  • All injuries that result in loss of time are reviewed and Compliance Manager works closely with Occupational Medical and the employee to get employee back to work as soon as possible and to guarantee that they are fit and prepared