Performance trends

Why is this measure important?

This determines the condition, ability, and expense to maintain all County roads in a condition of good or better.

Factors contributing to current performance

Funding remains the primary factor when considering performance measures. The successful execution of this program is dependent on the amount of annual funding that is allocated in the budget to perform the required maintenance and repairs for all primary and arterial roads. The Pavement Management System, working in tandem with the available budgetary resources, helps to determine the necessary maintenance and funding needs. The current condition of the roads, coupled with the planned level of funding will not allow the primary and arterial roads to achieve the established performance measurement and road rating.

Factors restricting performance improvement

Funding is the primary factor. However, there are other factors such as weather and scheduling issues that also impact the performance measurements. Severe winter weather accelerates the rate of deterioration of the roadways. The result of this accelerated deterioration is more expensive routine maintenance strategies that require additional attention to be paid to the repair of the streets. These expensive repairs absorb a larger portion of the available funding and reduces the number of lane miles planned for the Pavement Management System programs. Coupled with funding constraints, this lowers the overall rating and performance measurements of the county road network.

Performance improvement plan

The department will continue to employ "budget optimization" practices whereby allocated funding is spread across all ranges of pavement conditions to apply the best strategies and most economic methods of repair and maintenance as per the available funding. For example- funding is earmarked to maintain good pavements in good condition. Therefore, strategies will be applied to maintain those roads in good condition as the poorer rated roads may not receive the rehabilitated methods to fully restore the roads to achieve a rating of good or better.