Performance trends

Why is this measure important?

  • "First Call Resolution" is a key component for tracking efficiency and responsiveness.

Factors contributing to current performance

  • This number represents General Information calls handled in the Customer Service Center that do not require back office fulfillment. Therefore, they are handled in a timely manner on the first call. The better prepared the Customer Service Representative is to handle calls, the more likely it is the call can be handled as a first call resolution.
  • Training and CSR availability. 

Factors restricting performance improvement

  • MC311 is handling more complex phone calls that require fulfillment at the department level.

Performance improvement plan

  • Continue to handle General Information calls on the first call.
  • Provide the departments with accurate and pertinent information that is needed for back office fulfillment.


Total number of service requests: general information vs. fulfillment

Breakdown of service requests by type