Performance trends

Why is this measure important?

Ride On bus service well delivered translates into a reliable product that will attract new riding passengers, who will leave their cars at home, thereby reducing traffic.
Well delivered service also retains riding passengers.

Factors contributing to current performance

  • Easier to report complaints now via MC311 and on social media
  • Increase in missed trips as a result of "no personnel available" and this impacts complaints
  • Continued mandatory customer service training and refresher training for bus operators and supervisors

Factors restricting performance improvement

  • High turnover of bus operators so continuous training is required for route training and customer service training
  • Workforce availability impacts missed trips and on time performance and both of these result in complaints

Performance improvement plan

  • Continue active replacement of buses reaching end of useful life
  • Continue communications with Fleet Management Services to provide peak buses needed to meet service demand
  • Continue with Driver Attendance Policy to improve attendance of drivers
  • Improve Bus Operating hiring strategy to offset attrition loss and meet approved complement


Ride On complaints received through MC311

The following chart is for reference only. This dataset shows the number of service requests created through the County's 311 system. Service requests received by Ride On can be withdrawn or be unfounded after the initial request or investigation. In addition, not all Ride On service complaints come through 311.