Performance trends

Factors contributing to current performance

  • PIO is continually in the process of striking a balance between production and issue familiarization: Understanding PIO's clients while serving those same clients and ensuring PIO is flexible enough to meet their respective demand signals and also respond to emergent /ad-hoc issues and challenges.

Factors restricting performance improvement

  • Balancing familiarization with departments and their respective needs while producing each day and answering to ad-hoc / emergent / urgent requests.
  • Large turnover of PIO's Public Information Officers-centric staff inside of three months: loss of 60 aggregate years of corporate knowledge.

Performance improvement plan

  • Continue weekly internal meetings to closely track graphics and design work, TV and radio production, news opportunities, and other PIO production requirements.
  • Public Information Officers instructed by the PIO Director to "walk" their beats and meet with the leadership and staff in their respective beats to obtain a greater understanding of needs and how best PIO can serve those needs.
  • PIO Deputy Director will continue working to establish and/or improve processes for the various services PIO provides to its clients. We are reviewing the department and our services holistically to include Graphic Support, AV Support, Media Relations Support, Community Relations Support, etc.
  • Continue to seek to establish and/or improve (make more efficient, timely, less cumbersome, less costly) processes for our areas of service while still providing those services.