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The increase in total injuries for DOCR in FY18 from the previous FY17 cannot be attributed to any one specific factor. DOCR has a large percentage of employees, roughly 70%, with job classes that work directly with inmates and defendants. The behavior of inmates and defendants is unpredictable, and they can become unruly and a danger to themselves, other inmates, or employees. Working with unruly inmates presents specific challenges to our DOCR workforce, including risk of injury or exposure to bloodborne pathogens. An analysis of the workplace injuries during FY18 shows a larger than usual incidence of multi-officer interventions with unruly inmates. Officers and other staff who work with inmates and residents are trained to respond in groups and come to the assistance of their colleagues. Responding in numbers minimizes the risk of severe injury to individual staff members but increases the risk of minor injuries to a larger group. In cases of exposure to blood borne pathogens, all responding officers who interacted with the source of the potential exposure will complete a report for workplace injury. In one specific incident in FY18, four officers responded to an unruly inmate, and all submitted a workplace injury report for potential exposure. The DOCR Safety Committee continued to work diligently in FY18 to minimize workplace injuries. The Safety Committee continued to benefit from able representation from all Divisions within DOCR as well as representatives from County Risk Management. The Safety Committee, as always, reviewed all workplace injuries, with a focus on identifying emerging trends in injuries, and eliminating common factors which could contribute to injury. The Safety Coordinator worked with Risk Management on a new initiative in FY18 to offer training to DOCR employees through the Risk Management portal. The training was offered online. Some of the training was general, and required for all County employees, but some staff members received specific, targeted, training for their job class or because those individuals were found, through the accident review process, to require additional safety training. With continuing monitoring of injuries by the Safety Committee and increased safety training, DOCR expects to reduce our workplace injuries significantly for FY19.