Performance trends

Why is this measure important?

  • This measure tracks the dollars in direct aid that OIR helps secure from the state. Direct State Aid is comprised mainly of public K-12 education aid which is allocated based on wealth. This does not include teacher retirement and capital funds.

Factors contributing to current performance

  • Growth in Montgomery County Public Schools enrollment.
  • Full funding of all State aid formulae.
  • Enactment of a hold-harmless provision in the Net Taxable income calculation for education aid that protects Montgomery County.
  • Statutorily determined contributions for retirement payments understates actual costs.

Factors restricting performance improvement

  • Growth in wealth in Montgomery County relative to other jurisdictions impacts wealth-adjusted aid calculations.

Performance improvement plan

  • Stay attuned to opportunities to improve the County's position through negotiation, and work to prevent an increase in the County's share of teacher retirement contributions.