Performance trends

PREA event definitions

  • Substantiated: The event was investigated and determined to have occurred.
  • Unsubstantiated: Evidence was insufficient to make a final determination that the event occurred.
  • Unfounded: The event was determined not to have occurred.

Why is this measure important?

PREA is a Federal Statute regarding the operation of Jails, Prison, Community Correction Facilities and Lock-ups in the United States. Compliance helps ensure the safety of all persons incarcerated, and assures staff and visitors are free from sexual violence and a sexually charged environment.

Factors contributing to current performance

  • FY18 data indicates 3 substantiated inmate on inmate incidents and 1 staff on inmate incident in violation of PREA.
  • The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) established zero-tolerance standards for any form of sexual engagement, pressure, abuse, intervention or activity between inmates and between staff members. Acceptance of PREA has resulted in increased reporting of all types of alleged and substantiated incidents of sexual misconduct.
  • PREA has been strongly supported by DOCR in both jails (Detention Services) and at the Pre Release and Reentry Services facility. This has resulted in significantly more cases being reported that require investigation.

Factors restricting performance improvement

  • Correctional institutions are human organizations and no matter how much training, public focus, or jail-based efforts are applied, the potential exists that inappropriate behavior will occur. Exemplary hiring practices, training and inmate observation all assist in maintaining a positive, safe environment.
  • DOCR fills every security position, on every shift, every day to provide strict accountability for inmate and staff compliance with PREA.
  • Allegations will rise significantly as inmates learn more about the program to combat sexual violence and inappropriate sexual behavior - what is important is that DOCR practice exhibits few substantiated allegations, whether inmate on inmate or staff on inmate after appropriate investigation.

Performance improvement plan

  • Staff training will continue to be provided without exception to every newly hired/probationary employee and every current staff member within DOCR, our HHS and DGS colleagues working within DOCR, and all volunteers, contractors and any other persons conducting any extended business within DOCR facilities and programs.
  • Every DOCR operating residential division (two jails and Pre-Release Services) have operational policy, procedures, and work requirements in place covering PREA standards that will be strongly enforced. DOCR was again audited in 2018. We expect the final report will provide recommendation to continue our positive progress in this PREA.
  • DOCR is receiving more allegations now than we did in the past because the inmate population is better educated and informed by the Department about zero tolerance on this subject and we investigate and take all reports as a PREA audit compliance measure. This rise in reports and substantiated findings is not unusual and is consistent around the country with facilities that are PREA compliant. In 2019, the justice department will release the next nationwide PREA report.


Substantiated, unsubstantiated, and unfounded Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) incidents