Performance trends

Why is this measure important?

The DOCR core mission is to keep the community safe from prisoners remanded to the care and control of the Correctional Facilities. Prevention of jail escapes is of paramount importance to every staff person on every shift.

Factors contributing to current performance

  • The highest priority of all facility operations is to maintain public safety.
  • Staff every security post, every shift, every day- no exceptions at any time for any reason.
  • Halt jail operations to conduct counts every shift.
  • Unrelenting attention to all security standards, all DOCR Policies and Procedures, to Maryland and American Correctional Association security standards guidelines.
  • Immediate response to any perimeter security deficiencies or issues of concern.
  • Normal and unannounced full scale inspections and contraband searches of all facilities.
  • Daily assurance that all security related equipment is in good working order.
  • Attention to all physical plant repair orders.

Factors restricting performance improvement

  • Budgetary limitations on preventive maintenance restrict some preventable maintenance failures, leading to prolonged facility lockdowns. Building and perimeter security systems demand constant attention to maintain security supervision and restrict escape potential.
  • Upgrades to an aging facility, perimeter security, and electronics maintenance operations are critical to effective security operations; funding availability for replacement parts and key elements of system redesign push security operations in times of systems failure.

Performance improvement plan

  • Continue collaboration with the Department of General Services to immediately report any security-focused maintenance deficiencies that could link to an escape potential- including perimeter security fences, all external access points, any building imperfections that provide access to the outside of the building, and all detention electronics that signal any system failures that warrant immediate action and attention. DOCR will continue to present maintenance needs as a function of the total security operation- implement software improvements to locking and observation devices.
  • Security operations- policy and procedures are the backbone of escape prevention: emphasis on all Maryland State Correctional Standards and American Correctional Association. Local Detention Standards seek 100% compliance with all best practices and mandated security guidelines.
  • Aggressive staff training in all areas of inmate management and security procedures to maintain the highest level of awareness.
  • Security review of all prisoners being taken to outside hospitals and medical appointments by the Sheriff- detailed security assessment that never waivers- corrections must brief transporting law enforcement officers of any possible security issue or behavioral challenge.
  • Pursue the criminal justice center for replacement of the aging Montgomery County Detention Center at Seven Locks Rd.