Performance trends

Why is this measure important?

Inmate /residents at the PRRS are remanded to the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation by the courts. The mandated duty of the Department is to ensure that the community is safe from the inmates and an escape may put the community at risk. For that reason all inmate/residents must be accounted for at all times.

Factors contributing to current performance

  • The Pre Release Center is a minimum security residential treatment and reentry facility that provides structured reentry programming to facilitate an individual's movement from incarceration back to the community with a strong emphasis on employment, substance abuse treatment and family reintegration. Absconding from custodial care often occurs when an individual does not return to the facility at a pre-approved time from employment, treatment or some other approved community activity. In most instances the individuals return to the facility on their own and those that do not are returned by law enforcement authorities. The resident population is composed of individuals that have been court authorized to live in a community based residential setting while preparing for release and return.
  • DOCR works closely with the both the Drug Court and Mental Health Court to serve as a housing facility for those participating in both courts. The acuity of this population can lead to additional absconders due to relapse.

Factors restricting performance improvement

  • The Pre Release facility is a minimum security facility where the population is encouraged to go to work daily at local businesses and engage the community in a productive manner. The facility is designed as a residential community facility with no locked exits or fences.
  • PRRS deploys a significant substance abuse testing program but relapse does occur. While working in the community, illegal substances are encountered. Negative choices result in intoxication and fear of program removal, thus absconding from custody occurs. This is the primary reason for absconding from the program.

Performance improvement plan

  • PRRS continually works to enhance its screening process to closely monitor all potential participants' psychological and stability factors to further prevent the potential for program failures. Detailed examination into future PRRS Program participants past criminal history is closely vetted prior to Program acceptance. PRRS' long standing practice is not allowing any potential participants to come to the Pre-Release Center if they were previously convicted of escape.
  • Continue to refine screening criteria and evaluations to better generate quality referrals and transfers to the program while recognizing that every participant is a convicted criminal.
  • Strict attention and adherence to drug and alcohol testing, work site evaluations, family communications and collaborations, facility guidelines and rules to limit escapes is critical.