Performance trends

Why is this measure important?

Employment at the time of release is the most significant recidivism reduction measure the Community Corrections Division can engage that is directly tied to long term success in the community.

Factors contributing to current performance

  • The Community Corrections Division utilizes two Work Release Coordinators to assist in the job search and placement of residents assigned to the Pre Release Center. The model for employment search was developed by the National Institute of Corrections and has been nationally validated.
  • DOCR has strong, well established relationships with the business community that assist with resident placement.
  • DOCR built and maintains a One Stop Work Center within the facility with a job and careers counselor to assist with the connection to available jobs in the community.
  • Reentry preparation that occurs at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility prepares inmates to enter the Pre Release Center better prepared to immediately engage employment.
  • The County implemented ban the box legislation which allows more individuals the opportunity to receive an interview thus increasing their opportunity to sell their skills and possibly engage a job.

Factors restricting performance improvement

  • The barriers facing the reentry population are many. Factors concerning felony conviction disqualify some returning citizens from certain types of employment.
  • Psycho-social factors to include sustainable mental health treatment and substance abuse services create barriers to successful sustained employment.
  • Ban the Box assists this population in presenting themselves for more interviews rather than employers simply making a determination not to hire based on an application admission. The Montgomery County Human Rights Commission has worked with and educated many employers on this law and their obligation to comply.
  • DOCR is placing more difficult cases at PRRS. These individuals are scheduled for community release and are going home. Difficult cases are also more difficult to assist in employment. While employment is a key mission factor for PRRS, there are other reentry services that will help the individual succeed upon release.

Performance improvement plan

  • Continued community engagement of business and resources interested in employing the formerly incarcerated.
  • Continued focus on "Ban the Box" compliance.
  • Increased advocacy for changes in the laws concerning the employment of the formally incarcerated as well as community education and outreach.
  • Focus on workforce development and skill building at MCCF to better prepare the incarcerated to engage employment.