Performance trends

Changes in methodology:
  • To better align reported case closure rates with Uniform Crime Report standards, MCPD now excludes cases that were closed administratively. Data from FY15 and onward reflect this change.

Why is this measure important?

Measuring the performance of a police department can be challenging. However, closure rates help provide an assessment of the department's goal of managing crime. Closure rates are systematically collected through the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, allowing for long term trend analysis.

Factors contributing to current performance

There was a 1% increase in aggravated assaults in CY 2017.

Factors restricting performance improvement

The majority of aggravated assaults continue to be domestic-related, which are difficult to prevent. Victims frequently refuse to cooperate with detectives or to pursue charges.

Performance improvement plan

Continued emphasis on outreach and awareness for victims of domestic violence.