Performance trends

Changes in methodology:
To better align reported case closure rates with Uniform Crime Report standards, MCPD now excludes cases that were closed administratively. Data from FY15 and onward reflect this change.

Why is this measure important?

Measuring the performance of a police department can be challenging. However, closure rates help provide an assessment of the department's goal of managing crime. Closure rates are systematically collected through the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, allowing for long term trend analysis.

Factors contributing to current performance

  • After a trend in commercial burglaries in CY16 caused an increase in the total number of burglaries that year, there were less than 1,700 burglaries reported in Montgomery County in CY17 (a 15% drop year-over-year), the lowest number the department has ever recorded.
  • The decline in burglaries may be attributed to the sophistication of residential alarms and security monitoring systems, which might deter burglars from entering your home.

Factors restricting performance improvement

Delays in reporting impact the solvability of burglaries. The MCPD closure rate in this crime category is slightly higher than the national average for other metropolitan counties (14.7% in 2016).

Performance improvement plan

  • Improve crime analyses processes and techniques to detect patterns and prevent more burglaries.
  • Improve case management procedures with fully implemented records management system.
  • Continue education and outreach through Next Door and other social media apps to remind the community of the importance of locking their doors, garages, and sheds.