Performance trends

Why is this measure important?

This measure is important because it is indicative of a quick response by firefighters to the incident scene, followed by fast and effective fire suppression operations. When a fire is confined to the room of origin, damage to the remainder of the structure is minimized considerably and fire deaths and injuries - to both occupants and firefighters - are often prevented or minimized. It is important to note that some structure fires have already spread beyond the room of origin upon arrival of firefighters; therefore, firefighters have no opportunity to confine these fires to the room of origin. Fires that have extended beyond the room of origin upon arrival of firefighters have a negative impact on the overall results for this performance measure.

Factors contributing to current performance

  • Early fire detection and fire department notification.
  • Presence of residential sprinklers.
  • Readily available and sufficient quantity of water for firefighting.
  • Four-person staffing on 33 of 35 engines during most of FY18, then on all 35 engines beginning 4/15/18.

Factors restricting performance improvement

  • Call processing times exceeding national standards.
  • Lack of four-person staffing on 2 engines and 21 other primary suppression units (rescue squads and aerials) during most of FY18. [Four-person staffing of the two remaining three-person engines began on 4/15/18.]
  • Number of engines and aerial units will remain constant between FY18 and FY21 while number of residential structure fire and medical incidents is expected to increase.
  • Need additional suppression resources to meet national standards.
  • In some cases, especially influenced by modern building components and furnishings, the fire had already spread beyond the room of origin prior to MCFRS arrival.

Performance improvement plan

  • Reduce response time by: 1) implementing universal call-takers at the PSCC and 2) continuing enhancements to the new computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system to improve call-processing/dispatch time.
  • Advocate for retrofitting of unsprinklered residential high-rises.