Performance trends

Customer Service Survey is conducted biannually. The survey methodology and rating scales were changed in FY18, so comparisons to prior years is not possible. Old survey scores, using the 1 to 4 scale, are shown at the bottom of this page.

Why is this measure important?

Customer satisfaction is a key indicator of the Public Parking Management Program and helps the department identify the needs and concerns of our customers. Additionally results from our customer satisfaction surveys provide valuable input as we plan and prioritize investments made to improve the Public Parking Program.

Factors contributing to current performance

The 4.7 rating resulted in a change in rating scale by County Stat from a 4 point scale to a 5 point scale. The 5 point scale provides a better performance measure in the determination of customer satisfaction.

Factors restricting performance improvement

The customer satisfaction rate is impacted based on the customer experience with County owned facilities. Factors such as accessibility, convenient payment options, the physical condition of facilities and responsive customer service restrict performance improvement. 

Performance improvement plan

The performance improvement plan includes adequate maintenance of County owned parking facilities, pay-station upgrades offering convenient payment options, adoption of demand based pricing model for high occupancy facilities, and action plan to better respond to customer service inquiries.

Prior survey results

From FY10 to FY16, the Parking Management customer service survey used a 4 point scale. Results from the prior survey are shown below for reference.