Performance trends

Why is this measure important?

Reducing our accident rate has many benefits. It improves reliable on time service and customer satisfaction. In addition, it improves our employee staffing, reduces employee injuries, customer injury claims and reduces excess overtime. Having fewer accidents also reduces our total operating expense, eliminates costly repairs, and improves our public image.

Factors contributing to current performance

  • Six week improved training program/curriculum for new bus operators prior to entering revenue service.
  • Retraining of all bus operators in defensive driving techniques.
  • All Safety and Training Instructors are Smith System Certified
  • New accident review procedures
  • Follow up training for all operators that have had accidents
  • New buses are equipped with outside audible announcement when the bus is making turns
  • Purchase buses with cameras to increase security for operators and riders
  • Replacement of old buses that have reached their useful life to improve service reliability

Factors restricting performance improvement

  • High turnover of bus operators which leads to new CDL drivers on county congested streets
  • Increased traffic congestion in the County
  • Adverse weather conditions

Performance improvement plan

  • Compliance with the Federal Highway Act to improve safety performance including significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on public roads
  • Follow-up training with bus operators is completed for all accidents, injuries, and when operators are away from work for thirty days or more.
  • Recognition for employees - Safe Driving Awards, Employee of the Year, Customer Service, On Time Performance, and Working Injury Free
  • Aggressive hiring plan to maintain appropriate staffing levels to meet the operational requirements
  • Training of supervisors on smith system and safety checks to improve operational oversight