White Flint Fire Station #23 (P451502)

  • Category: Public Safety
  • Sub Category: Fire/Rescue Service
  • Administering Agency: General Services (AAGE29)
  • Planning Area: Rockville
  • Date Last Modified: 1/6/14
  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No
  • Relocation Impact: None
  • Status: Planning Stage




This project provides for a new five bay fire and rescue station in the Rockville/White Flint area and the purchase of associated apparatus. The new facility will be located on an acquired site located at the south-east quadrant of Route 355 and Randolph Road. The new station will be constructed in accordance with the general square footage specifications of the prototype program of requirements (POR) for a Class I fire station. A Class I fire station ranges from 19,550 to 20,135 gross square feet adjusted to meet specific site conditions and uses and includes apparatus bays, dormitory and support space, personnel living quarters, administrative offices and meeting/training room. This station will include offices for a Battalion Chief. A second floor is also considered for Urban District Offices to include approximately 4,500 gross square feet. Fire/Rescue apparatus to be purchased for this station includes a new EMS unit and related equipment.


South-east quadrant of Route 355 and Randolph Road

Estimated Schedule

Land purchase in FY15; Planning and design beginning in FY16; Construction FY18-20.


The existing Rockville Fire Station #23, located at 121 Rollins Avenue has only two bays and is extremely under sized to meet the current response time. A new station is necessary in this area due to the present and projected population density for the Rockville and White Flint area. White Flint is experiencing fast growth, and the population is expected to increase. The White Flint sector is envisioned to include a mix of housing, commercial, retail, recreation, and civic uses with the White Flint District as the focal point. Relocation of Rockville Station 23 to the White Flint area is needed to better position the station in relation to the high-density development in the approved White Flint Sector Plan and to minimize response time to the Station's highest incident call load area. The new site is of sufficient size to accommodate the construction of a larger station which can house additional needed apparatus.


A number of test fits have been conducted at the above proposed site located at the south-east quadrant of Route 355 and Randolph Road for the fire station and possible co-located government functions and affordable housing.


A pedestrian impact analysis will be performed during design or is in progress.


Department of Housing and Community Affairs