Western County Outdoor Pool Renovation and Modernization (P721501)

  • Category: Culture and Recreation

  • Sub Category: Recreation

  • Administering Agency: General Services (AAGE29)

  • Planning Area: Poolesville

  • Date Last Modified: 12/23/13

  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No

  • Relocation Impact: None

  • Status: Planning Stage




This project provides for the design, renovation, and modernization of 71,500 SF of an outdoor pool complex located at 20151 Fisher Avenue in Poolesville. The project includes Bathhouse, Snack Bar, Main Pool with associated deck area, Leisure Pool with associated deck area, Wading Pool, to be replaced with a zero depth Spray Pad, with associated deck area, and dry land playground, open lawns and a Filter Room located below the Main Pool Deck.


20151 Fisher Avenue, Poolesville, MD 20837


The facility was built in 1991 and has had no renovation or upgrades since construction over 20 years ago. This facility has been diligently maintained and remains generally serviceable, but much of the original pool equipment and many of the finishes are beyond their useful life and have reached the point that standard care and repairs are not able to keep the facility operational. In some cases original equipment and configurations no longer comply with the most current code requirements or County standards. Finally, some of the original amenities are out of date when compared with other more recently completed or renovated County aquatic facilities, and considering the extent of work required to correct the shortcomings noted above, complete replacement appears warranted.

Fiscal Note 

Funding from the Town of Poolesville and a State Bond bill will be requested for FY16.


A pedestrian impact analysis will be performed during design or is in progress.

The Executive asserts that this project conforms to the requirements of relevant local plans, as required by the Maryland Economic Growth, Resource Protection and Planning Act.


Department of General Services, Department of Recreation, Department of Technology Services, Office of Management and Budget, Upcounty Regional Service Center