Subdivision Roads Participation (P508000)

  • Category: Transportation
  • Sub Category: Roads
  • Administering Agency: Transportation (AAGE30)
  • Planning Area: Countywide
  • Date Last Modified: 1/6/14
  • Required Adequate Public Facility: Yes
  • Relocation Impact: None
  • Status: Ongoing





This project provides for the design, review, and construction of roads or utility work that benefit new subdivisions and the public-at-large. The project may be used for: land acquisition and construction of connections in primary and secondary residential roadways that cannot be made the responsibility of particular developers; County participation with developers in the construction of arterial and major highways by way of agreements; and completion of defaulted permit work to protect improvements that were completed prior to the default. Subsequent reimbursement will be sought for defaulted work.

Cost Change 

Cost change due to partial capitalization of prior year expenditures, partially offset by the addition of FY19 and FY20 to this ongoing project.


Several subdivisions have been approved based on this project. After a needs assessment has been made through the master plan process, roadways should be constructed as development occurs to ensure adequate public facilities.


Status of individual sub-projects are as follows:



Clarksburg-MD 355 to Snowden Farm Parkway

Clarksburg-Town Center Connector Road

Final Design Stage
Preliminary Design Stage

Fiscal Note

Construction expenditures for Clarksburg-Town Center Connector Road are shifted to FY16 and FY17 to reflect the current implementation schedule. Land acquisition and construction for Clarksburg-MD 355 to Snowden Farm Parkway will start in FY17. The developer is contributing $500,000 to the design of the Clarksburg-Town Center Connector Road.


A pedestrian impact analysis has been completed for this project.

Expenditures will continue indefinitely.


Developers, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Maryland State Highway Administration, Required Adequate Public Facilities, Travilah Road (CIP #500101)