Streetlight Enhancements-CBD/Town Center (P500512)

  • Category: Transportation

  • Sub Category: Traffic Improvements

  • Administering Agency: Transportation (AAGE30)

  • Planning Area: Countywide

  • Date Last Modified: 12/23/13

  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No

  • Relocation Impact: None

  • Status: Ongoing





This project provides for the evaluation and enhancement of streetlighting within and around Central Business Districts (CBD) and town centers where current lighting does not meet minimum Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) standards. This project will fill in streetlighting; standardize streetlighting types; and replace sodium vapor lights with light emitting diode (LED) lights.

Cost Change

Increase due to the addition of FY19 and FY20 to this ongoing level of effort project.


This project is needed to provide visibility and safety improvements in areas where there is a high concentration of pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. Streetlighting to promote pedestrian safety is one of the items requested each year by the Citizens' Advisory Boards (CABs).


Streetlighting in CBDs and town centers will also support the Montgomery County Planning Board (MCPB) priorities for County-wide pedestrian safety improvements and area specific lighting enhancements. Projects include: Bethesda CBD - Completed Summer 2007; Long Branch (commercial area) - completed in FY10; Wheaton CBD - completed in FY11; Langley Park - completed in FY12; Odehal Ave - completed in FY13; Damascus Town Center - FY13-14; Glenmont Metro Area - FY14-15; Olney Town Center - FY16-17; Bethesda Phase II - FY18-20 and beyond.


Expenditures will continue indefinitely.


Potomac Electric Power Company, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Potomac Edison, Montgomery County Police Department, Community Associations, Urban Districts, Citizens' Advisory Boards, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission