State Transportation Participation (P500722)

  • Category: Transportation

  • Sub Category: Roads

  • Administering Agency: Transportation (AAGE30)

  • Planning Area: Countywide

  • Date Last Modified: 1/6/14

  • Required Adequate Public Facility: Yes

  • Relocation Impact: None

  • Status: Ongoing




This project provides for the County's participation for the funding of State and Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) transportation projects that will add transportation capacity to the County's network, reduce traffic congestion in different areas of the County, and provide overall benefits to the public at large. Major projects to be funded will be selected from the most recent Joint Priorities letter signed by the County Executive and the President of the County Council and submitted to the County's Delegation in Annapolis, Maryland.

Cost Change

Cost increase reflects a $1.250 million contribution from developers for the intersection of MD 355 at West Old Baltimore Road in Clarksburg.


Montgomery County, as part of the Washington Region, has the highest level of traffic congestion in the nation. In order to directly address the congestion problems in Montgomery County, the County will participate in the construction of State projects to improve the quality of life for our residents, eliminate or reduce delays at major bottlenecks in our transportation system, improve safety, and improve air quality in the immediate vicinity of the projects.


Through FY14, the County has participated and entered into various Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with the State for the following projects:

  • MD 355/Montrose Parkway interchange (Phases I and II);
  • I-270/Watkins Mill Road interchange
  • MD 97 at Randolph Road interchange
  • Bus Rapid Transit on Viers Mill Road between Wheaton and Rockville
  • Bus Rapid Transit on Georgia Avenue between Olney and the Wheaton Metro Rail Station
  • MD 97 from Forest Glen through Montgomery Hills,
  • MD 97 - the Brookville Bypass
  • MD 124 between Mid-County Highway and Airpark Road
  • Intersection Improvements of State-County roads (50%-50% cost share)

The project also includes: Funding for the design and environmental analysis of the MD 355 Crossing (CIP #501209) associated with Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), which allowed the County to obtain a $40 million federal grant in FY13, and engineering design of a pedestrian tunnel beneath Georgia Avenue to access the Forest Glen Metro Rail Station.

Fiscal Note

The funding schedule aligns with current MOU agreements with the State. $14.463 million was originally advanced by the County to the State for the MD 355/Montrose Parkway interchange. The County received reimbursement from the State in FY10. $2 million of State Aid programmed in FY11 has been moved to the Traffic System Signal Modernization project (CIP #500704) with repayment to this project in FY17.

The Executive asserts that this project conforms to the requirements of relevant local plans, as required by the Maryland Economic Growth, Resource Protection and Planning Act.


Maryland State Highway Administration, Developers, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority