SM Retrofit - Government Facilities (P800900)

  • Category: Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Sub Category: Stormwater Management
  • Administering Agency: Environmental Protection (AAGE07)
  • Planning Area: Countywide
  • Date Last Modified: 1/6/14
  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No
  • Relocation Impact: None
  • Status: Ongoing





This project provides for the design and construction of Environmental Site Design (ESD)/Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater management devices at County facilities such as buildings, parking garages, and parking lots constructed prior to modern stormwater management controls. ESD/LID stormwater devices include: Green Roofs, bioretention areas, tree box inlets, porous concrete, and other types of devices that promote water filtering and groundwater recharge. Implementing new stormwater devices in developed areas built with inadequate or no stormwater control is required in the County's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit as detailed in the Montgomery County Coordinated Implementation Strategy (CCIS). The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in coordination with the Department of General Services (DGS) has identified candidate CIP projects that will be implemented jointly.

Cost Change

Increase due to the addition of FY19 and FY20 adjusted for prior project delays.


This project supports the requirements of the County's MS4 permit and addresses the goals of the Chesapeake Bay tributary strategy initiatives, and the County's adopted water quality goals (Chapter 19, Article IV), which require that the County provide stormwater controls for 20 percent of impervious surfaces not currently treated to the maximum extent practicable, with an emphasis, where possible, on the use of LID/ESD devices.

Fiscal Note

No State Aid is assumed for this project in FY15 to FY20. Funding schedule may need to be revised based on actual State Aid commitments.


Expenditures will continue indefinitely.

The Executive asserts that this project conforms to the requirements of relevant local plans, as required by the Maryland Economic Growth, Resource Protection and Planning Act.


Department of General Services, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Department of Permitting Services, Maryland Department of the Environment, Maryland Department of Natural Resources.