Roof Replacement: MCG (P508331)

  • Category: General Government

  • Sub Category: County Offices and Other Improvements

  • Administering Agency: General Services (AAGE29)

  • Planning Area: Countywide

  • Date Last Modified: 4/21/14

  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No

  • Relocation Impact: None

  • Status: Ongoing




This project provides for major roof replacement of County buildings.

Cost Change

Increase due the addition of FY19 and FY20 to this ongoing project and is partially offset by capitalization of prior expenditures. FY15 costs have increased due to the addition of work at the Strathmore Mansion and the Montgomery County Detention Center.


The age of many County buildings creates the need for this project. Factors determining the need for replacement include poor condition, age, long-term utilization, and probability of continued repairs. The project consists of an annual replacement schedule for those roofs which have reached the end of their useful service life. Asbestos abatement is an important component of the roof replacement effort and will be performed when required. The roof replacements covered under this program are prioritized based upon a consultant's survey completed in FY05 and an in-house priority schedule. Information generated in that condition survey will be the basis for future roof replacement projects. The March 2010 Report of the Infrastructure Maintenance Task Force identified an annual level of effort funding for roof replacement based on an average 20-year life for roof systems.


Roof Replacement may be accelerated or delayed based on changing priorities and need.

Roofs scheduled for replacement:

FY15: Montgomery County Detention Center,Strathmore Mansion,Grey Brick Courthouse, Davis Library, Seneca Creek Pool, Council Office Building, Fire Station #31

FY16: Executive Office Building, Upper County Daycare, Clara Barton Community Center, 1301 Piccard Drive, McDonald Knolls, Little Falls Library


Expenditures will continue indefinitely.


Department of General Services, Departments affected by roof replacement projects.