Resurfacing Parking Lots: MCG (P509914)

  • Category: General Government
  • Sub Category: County Offices and Other Improvements
  • Administering Agency: General Services (AAGE29)
  • Planning Area: Countywide
  • Date Last Modified: 1/6/14
  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No
  • Relocation Impact: None
  • Status: Ongoing




This project provides for the design and major rehabilitation of existing asphalt parking lots and associated drainage structures. Work includes milling and re-paving, full depth reconstruction of failed areas, and re-establishing positive drainage.

Cost Change 

Increase is due to the addition of FY19 and FY20 to this ongoing project and is partially offset by the capitalization of prior expenditures.


The age and condition of paved surfaces (primarily parking lots) at County facilities creates the need for this project. The deterioration of bituminous pavement occurs because of bitumen evaporation, infiltration of moisture, exposure to the environment, and disintegration due to salt and other compounds used during the winter. The maintenance and repair of paved surfaces is managed through the County's facilities maintenance program. A facility planning approach to major repair and resurfacing of paved surfaces has established a validated inventory of paved surfaces requiring major work; allowed for systematic planning and execution to eliminate the inventory of major work; and begun to arrest the continuing deterioration of paved surfaces, preventing more costly total reconstruction. This project implements an annual major repair and resurfacing program for paved surfaces as they reach the end of their useful life. The results of facility condition assessments for 73 County facilities, completed by a consultant in FY05, FY06 and 07, have been used to prioritize the six year program. The March 2010 Report of the Infrastructure Maintenance Task Force, identified an annual level of effort for parking lot resurfacing based on an average 20 year life for parking lots.


Parking lots may be accelerated or delayed based on changing priorities and needs.

Parking lots scheduled for resurfacing:

FY15: 4th District Police Station; Potomac Community Center; Kensington Park Library

FY16: Leland Community Center; Grey Brick Courthouse; Clara Barton Recreation and Daycare Center


Expenditures will continue indefinitely.


Department of General Services, Departments affected by resurfacing projects