Rehab/Reno.Of Closed Schools - RROCS (P916587)

  • Category: Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Sub Category: Countywide
  • Administering Agency: Public Schools (AAGE18)
  • Planning Area: Countywide
  • Date Last Modified: 4/21/14
  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No
  • Relocation Impact: None
  • Status: Ongoing





MCPS retained some closed schools for use for office space, as holding schools, or for alternative programs. Occasionally a closed school is reopened as an operating school to address increasing enrollment. Some rehabilitation is necessary to restore spaces for contemporary instructional use. An FY 2011 appropriation was approved for the construction funds for the reopening of McKenney Hills. An FY 2012 appropriation was approved for the balance of funding for the McKenney Hills Reopening project. This project is scheduled to be completed in August 2012.

Student enrollment at elementary schools in the Richard Montgomery Cluster has increased dramatically over the past four school years. The magnitude of enrollment growth in the cluster requires the opening of a new elementary school. A feasibility study was conducted during the 2010–2011 school year for a new elementary school at the site of the former Hungerford Park Elementary School. Based on the revised enrollment projections for Richard Montgomery Cluster elementary schools, the new elementary school will be sufficient to address the projected elementary enrollment in the cluster. An FY 2013 appropriation was requested by the Board of Education for planning funds for this new school; however, the County Council, in the adopted FY 2013-2108 CIP delayed this project two years. An FY 2012 transfer was approved to shift $4.5 million from the Downcounty Consortium Elementary School #29 to another project in the approved CIP. An FY 2015 appropriation was approved to begin planning the new Richard Montgomery Elementary School #5. However, due to fiscal constraints, the construction funds for this project were delayed one year in the approved FY2015-2020 CIP. The new completion date for this project is now August 2018.

Public Schools (A18) asserts that this project conforms to the requirements of relevant local plans, as required by the Maryland Economic Growth, Resource Protection and Planning Act.


Mandatory Referral - M-NCPPC, Department of Environmental Protection, Building Permits, Code Review, Fire Marshal, Department of Transportation, Inspections, Sediment Control, Stormwater Management, WSSC Permits