Northwest Branch Recreational Park-Athletic Area (P118704)

  • Category: M-NCPPC
  • Sub Category: Development
  • Administering Agency: M-NCPPC (AAGE13)
  • Planning Area: Cloverly-Norwood
  • Date Last Modified: 3/6/14
  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No
  • Relocation Impact: None
  • Status: Final Design Stage





The athletic area at Northwest Branch Recreational Park is located on Norbeck Road, between Layhill and Norwood Roads. The site is approximately 41 acres in area, of which Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) owns 23 acres, and M-NCPPC owns 18 acres. This project consists of two phases. Phase I, under construction by SHA and anticipated to be complete in Spring 2014, will include the following: 1 adult-sized baseball field, 3 adult-sized multi-purpose rectangular fields, 1 football field, 225 space parking lot, and trails for field access and connection to the existing trail on Norwood Road. The remainder of the park will be construction by M-NCPPC in two phases, IIA and IIB. Phase IIA will include expansion of the 8-foot wide hard surface trail, playground, landscaping, picnic shelter, and maintenance building and storage bin area. Phase IIB will include additional parking, synthetic turf field, lighting, irrigation, and a restroom building. Detailed design of Phase IIA started in July 2013 with construction starting in 2014.


14901 Layhill Road, Aspen Hill MD 20906

Estimated Schedule

Concept plan for both phases was presented to the Planning Board by SHA on January 12, 2010. Phase I, under construction by SHA, is anticipated to be complete in spring 2014. Detailed design of Phase IIA in FY15 and FY16.


2012 Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan, Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan, 2005; Cloverly Master Plan, 1997; ICC Record of Decision, Attachment D: The ICC Mitigation Package, 2006


Phase 1 design and construction was funded by SHA; therefore, no funding is shown for that phase. Operating Budget Impact (OBI) is shown for both phases.

Fiscal Note

The Maryland State Highway Administration contribution for community stewardship projects for ICC mitigation will fund Phase 1 of this project.


A pedestrian impact analysis has been completed for this project.


Maryland State Highway Administration, Montgomery County Revenue Authority, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services.