Focused Neighborhood Assistance (P761100)

  • Category: Community Development and Housing

  • Sub Category: Community Development

  • Administering Agency: Housing & Community Affairs (AAGE11)

  • Planning Area: Countywide

  • Date Last Modified: 1/6/14

  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No

  • Relocation Impact: None

  • Status: Ongoing




This project provides for focused neighborhood assistance in selected neighborhoods throughout the County with a primary focus on residential areas. Project elements will comprehensively address community needs for neighborhood preservation and enhancement.

Cost Change

Starting in FY15, Community Development Block Grant funds previously programmed in the CIP will be shifted to the Operating Budget. Activities previously budgeted in this project will continue in the Operating budget.


Strong, well-maintained neighborhoods are a critical component of overall community well-being and quality of life. Based on the Focused Neighborhood Assistance Program Mid-County Focus Area and the Focused Neighborhood Assistance Program UpCounty Focus Area studies conducted in June and August, 2009, these communities are in need of pedestrian linkages, appropriate lighting, youth activities, mitigation of foreclosed properties, overcrowding, home maintenance, and overall safety of the neighborhoods.

Fiscal Note

The shift of CDBG to the Operating budget allows for more cohesive accounting of CDBG expenditures.


Mid-County Regional Services Center, UpCounty Regional Services Center, , Department of Transportation , Maryland State Highway Administration, M-NCPPC, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Permitting Services, Department of Police, Department of Recreation