East Gude Drive Roadway Improvements (P501309)

  • Category: Transportation
  • Sub Category: Roads
  • Administering Agency: Transportation (AAGE30)
  • Planning Area: Shady Grove Vicinity
  • Date Last Modified: 4/21/14
  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No
  • Relocation Impact: None
  • Status: Final Design Stage





This project provides for the design, land acquisition, and construction of roadway improvements along East Gude Drive from Crabbs Branch Way to Southlawn Lane to inrease roadway capacity and to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety. The improvements will: (1) add a westbound lane (800 linear feet) from Calhoun Drive to Crabbs Branch Way; (2) extend the length of the eastbound taper east of Calhoun Drive (500 linear feet) to west of Incinerator Lane; (3) provide an east-to-northbound left turn lane (300 linear feet) at Dover Road; (4) construct the missing section of sidewalk on the north side of East Gude Drive from west of Incinerator Lane to east of Calhoun Drive (550 linear feet) and (5) install six-foot wide sidewalk connectors from each bus stop on the north side of East Gude Drive to the nearest intersection.


East Gude Drive, Rockville MD


The Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on East Gude Drive for the year 2025 is forecasted to be about 60,000.

Estimated Schedule

Final design and land acquisition will be completed in FY19. Construction will start in FY20 and will be completed in FY21.


The project is needed to reduce existing and future congestion and improve pedestrian and vehicular safety. Three intersections within the project scope will reach failing conditions by 2015. By 2025, the ADT on East Gude Drive is projected to increase from 45,000 to 60,000. The proposed project will improve roadway network efficiency, provide for alternate modes of transportation, and will improve pedestrian connectivity and safety by constructing missing sidewalk sections on the north side. 2004 Upper Rock Creek Area Master Plan

2006 Shady Grove Sector Plan

2005 Countywide Bikeways Functional Master Plan

City of Rockville Comprehensive Master Plan


The estimated cost of the project, including design, land acquisition, site improvements, utility relocations, and construction, is currently estimated to be $6 million. A more accurate cost estimate will be prepared upon completion of final design.


A pedestrian impact analysis has been completed for this project.


Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Utility Companies, Department of Permitting Services, City of Rockville