Bus Stop Improvements (P507658)

  • Category: Transportation
  • Sub Category: Mass Transit
  • Administering Agency: Transportation (AAGE30)
  • Planning Area: Countywide
  • Date Last Modified: 12/23/13
  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No
  • Relocation Impact: None
  • Status: Ongoing




This project provides for the installation and improvement of capital amenities at bus stops in Montgomery County to make them safer, more accessible and attractive to users, and to improve pedestrian safety for County transit passengers. These enhancements can include items such as sidewalk connections, improved pedestrian access, pedestrian refuge islands and other crossing safety measures, area lighting, paved passenger standing areas, and other safety upgrades. In prior years, this project included funding for the installation and replacement of bus shelters and benches along Ride On and County Metrobus routes; benches and shelters are now handled under the operating budget. Full-scale construction began in October 2006. In the first year of the project, 729 bus stops were reviewed and modified, with significant construction occurring at 219 of these locations. As of FY13, approximately 2,634 stops have been modified.

Estimated Schedule

Completion of project delayed to FY18 due to complex nature of bus stops requiring right-of-way to be acquired.


Many of the County's bus stops have safety, security, or right-of-way deficiencies since they are located on roads which were not originally built to accommodate pedestrians. Problems include: lack of drainage around the site, sidewalk connections, passenger standing areas or pads, lighting or pedestrian access, and unsafe street crossings to get to the bus stop. This project addresses significant bus stop safety issues to ease access to transit service. Correction of these deficiencies will result in fewer pedestrian accidents related to bus riders, improved accessibility of the system, increased attractiveness of transit as a means of transportation, and greater ridership. Making transit a more viable option than the automobile requires enhanced facilities as well as increased frequency and level of service. Getting riders to the bus and providing an adequate and safe facility to wait for the bus will help to achieve the goal. The County has approximately 5,400 bus stops. The completed inventory and assessment of each bus stop has determined what is needed at each location to render the stop safe and accessible to all transit passengers. In FY05, a contractor developed a GIS-referenced bus stop inventory and condition assessment for all bus stops in the County, criteria to determine which bus stops need improvements, and a prioritized listing of bus stop relocations, improvements, and passenger amenities. The survey and review of bus stop data have been completed and work is on-going.

Fiscal Note

Funding for this project includes general obligation bonds with debt service financed from the Mass Transit Facilities Fund.


A pedestrian impact analysis will be performed during design or is in progress. The Executive asserts that this project conforms to the requirements of relevant local plans, as required by the Maryland Economic Growth, Resource Protection and Planning Act.


Civic Associations, Municipalities, Maryland State Highway Administration, Maryland Transit Administration, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Commission on Aging, Commission on People with Disabilities, Montgomery County Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee, Citizen Advisory Boards