Asbestos Abatement: MCG (P508728)

  • Category: General Government
  • Sub Category: County Offices and Other Improvements
  • Administering Agency: General Services (AAGE29)
  • Planning Area: Countywide
  • Date Last Modified: 12/23/13
  • Required Adequate Public Facility: No
  • Relocation Impact: None
  • Status: Ongoing




This project provides for the identification, management, control, and if required, removal of asbestos containing materials (ACM) from County facilities. Also included are costs associated with the removal of these materials, such as material replacement and facility repairs, when required. This project also provides for the removal of other environmental hazards such as lead based paint.

Cost Change

Increase is due to the addition of FY19 and FY20 to this ongoing project and is partially offset by the capitalization of prior expenditures.


Asbestos containing materials which have become damaged, or may be disturbed during building renovation or demolition, must be removed or abated. If these materials are not removed, they may become friable, releasing asbestos fibers into the air. Inhaled asbestos fibers may cause health impairments, such as asbestosis, lung, and other types of cancers. Therefore, removing the asbestos containing materials prior to a renovation eliminates the release of asbestos fibers into the building ventilation system and inhalation of asbestos fibers by building occupants or renovation contractors. Neither contractors nor workers will perform renovations until asbestos is removed because of the health risk to the workers and the associated liability risk to the contractors. Asbestos and other hazardous materials abatement is performed only by specialty contractors, donning protective clothing and respiratory protection. Asbestos abatement workers are also required to attend specialized training and follow decontamination procedures. The asbestos removal must be performed within an isolated airtight plastic containment vessel, under negative air pressure, as required by Federal and State regulation. Estimated project costs reflect these requirements and removal procedures. The primary targets of this project are County-owned facilities constructed prior to 1978. Bulk material samples and air samples are taken to verify that removal actions are in compliance with regulatory guidelines. Asbestos Abatement is currently also being included in stand-alone renovation projects and in the roof replacement project for County Government. The asbestos survey of County facilities, conducted in FY88, is the basis of the current work program. Revisions to this work plan are made based on periodic ACM inspection, in support of facility renovation, or in response to any unidentified ACM which may be encountered in the course of a maintenance activity.


Expenditures will continue indefinitely.


Department of General Services, PLAR: Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement