Urban Districts


Promotion of Community and Business Activities

This program enhances the quality of life in the Urban Districts and surrounding communities; fosters a strong, vibrant business climate within each Urban District; and creates a positive image and a sense of identity for the Districts. These goals are accomplished through sponsorship of community events, that may include festivals, concerts, and parades; the installation of seasonal banners, unique signs, holiday decorations, and other amenities to give each District a sense of place; and the development and distribution of newsletters, brochures, and other promotional material highlighting the Districts. Each Urban District develops its programs with the active participation of its advisory committee or Urban District Corporation.

Sidewalk Repair

This program provides for the removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete and brick walks and curbs in the Urban Districts.

Streetscape Maintenance

This program provides maintenance of, and improvement to, the streetscape amenities within each Urban District. Various service levels include litter collection, sidewalk maintenance, trash receptacle service at least three times a week, mowing and snow removal as needed, lighting maintenance, maintenance of planted/landscaped areas, and street sweeping.

Tree Maintenance

This program provides pruning, planting, fertilization, necessary spraying, replacement, watering, mulching, and tree base cleaning in the Urban Districts.

Enhanced Security

This program provides safeguards against property theft, vandalism, and personal security in the Silver Spring and Wheaton Urban Districts. The goal of the program is to provide an enhanced level of protection and reduce the perception of crime through the use of the Safe Team as the eyes and ears of County Police and as a uniformed visual presence to create a safe and secure environment. Safe Team members also act as “ambassadors” providing information, directions, first aid and CPR, and roadside assistance to residents, visitors, and the business community.


This program provides staff support for contract administration, Urban District Advisory Committees and for the administration of Urban District corporations. This program also provides for budget preparation and monitoring, payment authorization, records maintenance, and the Bethesda Circulator contract.