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Office of Public Information (PIO)

PIO At A Glance

PIO Mission Statement

What the Department Does and for Whom
The mission of the Office of Public Information is to provide timely, accurate, and effective communication with the public, the County Executive, departments and agencies, media, County employees, the County Council and other elected officials, businesses, civic groups, and every other segment of the Montgomery County community through the mass media, social media and Internet, presentations, publications and graphics, cable television programming, and telephone and electronic requests for information and assistance via the MC311 Customer Service Center.
How Much? How Many?
  • FY15 Total Budget: $4,816,129
  • FY15 Total Full-time Equivalents (FTEs): 42.70

Web Content and Graphics Management

What the Department Does and for Whom

Provide creative and technical support to public relations, cable programming and MC311 in developing materials for press events and publications, and managing the County website and MC311 portal.

How Much? How Many?
  • FY15 Budget: $105,702; FY15 FTEs: 1.00

Public Relations

What the Department Does and for Whom

Educate and inform residents about County programs, services, and issues using press releases, media advisories, news and public events,the county website, email distribution lists, and electronic newsletters, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.


Develop and implement public education campaigns such as pedestrian safety and code enforcement. Handle County Executive speech-writing and correspondence. Also handle outreach to the Latino community via radio and television shows and media relations with the Spanish language news organizations.

How Much? How Many?
  • FY15 Budget: $942,292; FY15 FTEs: 5.40

MC311 Customer Service Center

What the Department Does and for Whom

MC311 is a key strategic, enterprise-wide initiative that provides the public with a single three-digit number (311) to call for County information and service. In addition, it provides the County with a sophisticated ability to count, track, and respond to resident requests. MC311 provides the general public with a higher quality of service delivery and accountability, while helping the Government achieve operational efficiencies.

How Much? How Many?
  • FY15 Budget: $3,768,135; FTEs: 36.30

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Headline Performance Measures

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