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Office of Human Resources (OHR)

OHR At A Glance

OHR Mission Statement

What the Department Does and for Whom

The mission of the Office of Human Resources is to provide a proactive and responsive human resources program that attracts, develops, and retains a diverse, high performing, and well qualified workforce.

How Much? How Many?

FY15 Total Budget: $212,031,608

FY15 Total Full-time Equivalents (FTEs): 66.45

Director’s Office

What the Department Does and for Whom

The Director's Office is responsible for: human resources policy development and planning; the administration of human resources programs and information technology initiatives; directing the design and implementation of new initiatives to better serve customers and improve organizational performance.

How Much? How Many?

FY15 Budget: $1,093,517 | FTE: 6.40

Business Operations and Performance

What the Department Does and for Whom
  • Help employees and supervisors achieve the organization’s overall vision and priority objectives through human and technological resources
  • Ensure individuals’ and teams’ performance accountability through the Rewarding Excellence and Performance Management programs
  • Review and evaluate the duties and responsibilities of individual positions and occupational classes.
  • Ensure that employees are accurately and appropriately compensated
  • Provide management and oversight to records management, financial management of the budget and employee health benefits and retirement funds
  • Process personnel actions
How Much? How Many?

FY15 Budget: $1,776,325; FY15 FTEs: 16.50

Labor and Employee Relations

What the Department Does and for Whom
  • Negotiate collective bargaining agreements on behalf of the County Executive
  • Provide early intervention strategies in workplace disputes
  • Implement personnel policy and personnel regulation changes
  • Investigate complaints of harassment and discrimination by and against employees
  • Conduct mandatory and requested EEO training
  • Diversity management, maintain and analyze demographic statistics
How Much? How Many?

FY15 Budget: $1,617,120; FY15 FTEs: 10.00

Change Management, Training, and Organizational Development

What the Department Does and for Whom

Administer a centralized workforce development and change management program that recognizes employees’ contributions, develops leadership competencies and facilitates professional and personal development and improved organizational effectiveness

How Much? How Many?

FY15 Budget: $1,027,610; FY15 FTEs: 5.05

Selection and Recruitment

What the Department Does and for Whom

Recruit and hire permanent and temporary employees through outreach activities, providing guidance to departments, new employee orientation and administration of examinations

How Much? How Many?

FY15 Budget: $1,259,855; FY15 FTEs: 10.40

Health and Welfare and Information Technology

What the Department Does and for Whom
  • Manage and administer the County's health and welfare plans in accordance with County policy, local, state and federal laws. In addition to maintaining operations associated with program eligibility, the Team provides customer service, education, and consulting to County employees, participating County agencies, and retirees
  • Coordinate wellness activities, using a dynamic, comprehensive data driven strategy to promote employee health and wellness
  • Provide multi-disciplinary occupational medical services, including pre-employment physicals, work-related medical and safety hazard assessments to promote the health, wellness, and productivity of the County workforce. OMS also administers the County’s drug and alcohol and centralized Family and Medical Leave programs as well as the MCGEO sick leave bank
  • Promote the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of Montgomery County Police Department employees and their family members
  • Provide management and oversight to the department's information technology initiatives
How Much? How Many?

FY15 Budget: $205,257,181; FY15 FTEs: 18.10

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