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DPS At A Glance

DPS Mission Statement

What the Department Does and for Whom
The mission of the Department of Permitting Services is to provide safe and secure communities and to contribute to the economic vitality of the County by providing the highest quality of public service while ensuring compliance with Montgomery County’s development and construction standards.
How Much? How Many?
  • FY15 Budget: $32,007,836
  • FY15 Total Full-time Equivalents (FTEs): 206.50

Related comments:

  • Completed 88,317 plan reviews
  • Processed 52,826 permit applications
  • Issued/Renewed 1,980 licenses
  • Conducted 158,837 inspections (115,485 building constuction, 7,255 fire protection, 26,190 land development, and 9,907 zoning and site plan inspections)
  • 3,779 Complaint investigations
  • 7,274 enforcement inspections
  • Processed 6,763 building permit applications for 25,747,213 square feet of new construction, additions and tenant improvements and renovations resulting in 46,275 plans reviews
  • Issued 11,269 electrical permits
  • Processed 431 sediment control permit applications for 27,794,836 square feet of disturbed area, 115 stormwater management applications, 348 well and septic applications, and 3,236 right-of-way applications resulting in 13,934 plan reviews and 26,190 inspections.
  • Conducted 3,913 site plan inspections, 586 special exception inspections, 3,831 all other inspections and 21,894 zoning reviews
  • Processed 551 sign permits and 36 sign variances
  • Approved 45 tree protection plans
  •  Served 94,272 walk-in customers at DPS counters
  • Responded to 16,270 MC311 Service Requests
  • Conducted 922 scheduled design consultations
  • 244 environmental compliance actions
  • 292 zoning compliance actions
  • 68 active case management cases
  • Filled 4,374 information requests
  • Issued 337 zoning confirmation letters
  • Participated in 32 Development Review Committee meetings
  • Collected $44,857,095 in revenues

Building Construction: Construction Safety

What the Department Does and for Whom

Promotes life safety in buildings and other structures. DPS provides more safe and secure structures for the more than 1 Million residents and nearly 40,000 businesses and their respective invitees by implementing the codes, reviewing design plans and inspecting the construction of the places where people live, work, and play.

How Much? How Many?
  • FY15 Budget: $10,413,912 ; FY15 FTEs: 92.90

Related comments:

  • Responded to 11,857 MC311 Service Requests
  • Issued 57 citations from which $4,500 was collected in fines
  • Processed 6,318 residential building permits, 1,694 commercial building permits, 604 commercial fast track permits, 12,189 Electrical permits, 1,544 Fence permits, 2,469 Fire Protection Systems, and 7,479 Mechanical permits

Land Development: Environmental Protection and Safety

What the Department Does and for Whom

Reviews sediment control, stormwater management, flood plain and well and septic plans, issues permits and performs inspections for the protection of our floodplains, streams and waterways from degradation from development. Protects public safety and welfare through review, inspection and permitting of public rights of way.

How Much? How Many?
  • FY15 Budget: $7,217,744; FY15 FTEs: 60.50

Related comments:

  • Responded to 1182 MC311 Service Requests
  • Issued 238 citations for which $94,005.50 was collected in fines, 3236 Public Right of Way permits, 175 Record Plat Reviews, 115 Stormwater concepts, 568 Sediment Control permits of which 431 were engineered plans with a total of 27,794,836 square feet
  • Attended 32 Development Review Committee meetings

Customer Service

What the Department Does and for Whom

Provides the highest quality of customer service by helping residents, businesses, religious institutions, civic organizations and non-profits through the permitting process, through case management, green tape program, satisfaction surveys, customer outreach and managing streamlining initiative. Responds to information requests and customer service requests.

How Much? How Many?
  • FY15 Budget: $1,070,923; FY15 FTEs: 10

Related comments:

  • Responded to 2,239 MC311 Service Requests;
  • Conducted 950 design consultations
  • Facilitated 68 case management projects

Zoning and Site Plan Enforcement

What the Department Does and for Whom

The Zoning and Site Plan Enforcement program protects the quality of life in Montgomery County and the public safety, welfare, health, and comfort of the present and future inhabitants of Montgomery County through the effective application and enforcement of zoning code standards and MNCPPC certified site plan requirements. The division reviews plans prior to permit issuance and conducts inspections, as well as investigates complaints in order to administer and enforce the zoning standards established by Chapter 59 of the Montgomery County Code. this program regulates size, shape, height, and mass of a building and the uses that are allowed on the property. This division was created from two sections in the Building Construction Division in FY14 and therefore was not budgeted until FY15.

How Much? How Many?
  • FY15 Budget: $3,791,849; FY15 FTEs: 30

Related comments:

  • Responded to 992 MC311 Service Requests (data from 11/13 - 6/14)
  •  Issued 56 citations from which $3,800 was collected in fines
  • Conducted 3,913 Site plan inspections, 586 Special Exception Inspections, 2,765 Wallcheck/height inspections and 21,894 Zoning reviews
  • Processed 551 Sign permits, 36 Sign variances, and 330 Zoning Confirmation Letters
  • Attended 32 Development Review Committee meetings;

Administration, Revenue Collection and Management

What the Department Does and for Whom

DPS is an enterprise fund and is tasked with collecting fees for its operations, including lease payments, staffing, IT, vehicles, equipment, etc. in order to support service delivery. DPS also collects development revenues and fees that are provided to fund certain activities of other agencies including MNCPPC, DHCA and the Board of Appeals.

How Much? How Many?
  • FY15 Budget: $9,513,408; FY15 FTEs: 13.10

Legend: Performance Improved / Optimal; Performance Consistent; Performance Declined; Measuring; Collecting Data;

Headline Performance Measures

Responsive and Sustainable Leadership